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The Power is already within you!

Just like learning something new, whatever it is, ‘problem solving’ in hypnosis offers an immediate opportunity “to do something different.” People get so bogged down in their own dilemmas and negative thinking that they come to believe there is no relief and they can do nothing to escape. BUT you can!! The power to change is already within you!

The techniques taught to you during hypnosis sessions are simply new frameworks in which to review the situation.Hypnotherapy, unlike other therapies reminds the client, (through access to the subconscious), that the solutions lay at the individual’s doorstep and the supporting CBT practicals that are offered allow a new approach to turn road blocks into stepping-stones, with the support of daily practice from the client.

Referring to yoga wisdom, internationally recognized yoga teacher Shakta Kaur Khalsa (2001) stated that it takes 40 days to change a habit, 120 days for the new habit to become who you are, and a thousand days to master the habit. This aligns with research and any new learning, in that for most people it takes many practice sessions for habituated responses to change and for brain patterns to rewire (transfer).

There is ample documentation to attest to the fact that a client’s willingness to engage in therapeutic “homework” is directly related to the success of the therapy. Yet many people seeking therapy look for a magical cure, overlooking the need to comply with directives to practice skills learned in therapy.

To address this, sessions include behavioural and practical aspects in addition to the weekly hypnotherapy input. The client’s review of their behaviour and practice are critical for the transfer or embedding of the therapeutic learning, because without transfer or embedding, neither the client nor the therapist will achieve any measure of lasting success. It may be helpful to see it as a new skill to be learned or new knowledge to understand. In order to embed that knowledge or skill it is extremely important for clients to put into practice their newly acquired behaviours and their practical sessions, just like learning to drive or any other new skill.

‘The steps leading to change lie within’.

Repeat daily along with practising your self- hypnosis

  • Those old reasons and behaviours, whatever they were, belong to the past.

  • I now have a new pattern for the present and the future.

  • I will formulate a new pattern now to make the changes I wish to make now in the present and put the old reasons respectfully away.

  • Their task is now finished.

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