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About Me

How Can I Add Value?


I have a very nurturing personality, probably due to having experienced an array of life’s ups and down. Like all of us, sometimes I got lost along the way. No experience, though, is ever wasted – my own personal ones, although at times painful,  have provided me with a rich and varied background, which means I will have empathy  as well as real life experiences I can call on. 


Using learning from my previous career as a senior leader in a large organisation and my qualifications in hypnotherapy, NLP, and training,  in conjunction with CBT techniques, I will aim to help support you to make the changes you desire. With encouragement, support and wonderfully relaxing hypnotherapy, we can develop an approach specific to you, to help you rebalance and feel able to work positively towards your goals and new life path.  


What Led Me To Hypnotherapy?


My interest in hypnotherapy, how the mind works, the games people play, how they think, feel and behave started when I began to read psychotherapy books, when as a teenager my moods began to be all over the place and I felt confused, low and out of sorts and wanted to know why.


Then, starting a job at 18 and feeling overwhelmed with responsibility triggered what I was later to recognise as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). More book reading and research (without an internet then) helped me tackle an issue that appeared to be taking over my life, reducing my self-confidence and self-esteem.


Later still, my career took me along the learning development route. Training to be a trainer and trainer of trainers in my professional work life during the 1980s, cemented my knowledge and understanding of  how we learn, observe, and adopt the behaviours, fears, phobias of others around us, until they become so ingrained in us that they become our own automatic thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


Investigating self-help methods took me down the road to becoming a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. My own 'pathway' was mapped out then, as I became avidly interested in relaxation techniques for stress and anxiousness and the use of mind power and positive thinking. My passion has developed to the point now that it drives my desire and ability to help people to understand how they can use their own mind power to change their thinking, effectively and relatively quickly, and to do so in way that is productive and long lasting.....and so Clear Pathway Hypnotherapy emerged.  


Please contact me for more details on: 07804692046 or at


Jayne May combines cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy in Sheffield

I established ‘Clear Pathway Hypnotherapy’, because I’m passionate about providing clients with the tools to help themselves and learn from opportunities in life. I call upon my qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience to help support clients so they feel able to make their own life changes and take positive steps toward their own life paths.

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