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Why not invite me to talk to your groups or within your businesses about 'Positive Thinking and Stress prevention?' As I'm sure you are aware that being aware of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours in addition to stress prevention management are all contributory factors in helping support our own health and well being.


Surveys in the workplace suggest that between 11 and 13 million working days are lost in any one year due to stress and stress-related illnesses. Of those who take time off work due to stress, the average time taken is approximately 27 days. Mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, depression are behind 1 in 5 visits to a GP.


Mental health illnesses can arise from lack of self-esteem, lack of confidence and anxiousness. This is where I can offer my support and training.


My group sessions are for groups of people who want to learn how to manage stress and associated outcomes  such as anxiety, low self-confidence, negative thinking, insomnia, weight loss and weight gain.


Please note my workshop sessions are not 'group therapy'. I will teach you practical tips and tools to help support and advise you about : 

  • stress and how to tackle it,

  • changing your thinking,

  • building self esteem and confidence and

  • the impacts of those on for example, anxiety, depression, panic, fears and weight management etc.


Each session will cover new skills for you to take away and work on, so you'll be much better prepared to tackle the impacts of life's issues, helping prevent potential sick absences.

I can deliver the following group sessions:


  • Stress Release

  • Change your Attitude - Think Positive

  • Rebuild Your Self-esteem and Self-confidence

  • Weight Loss and Weight Management Workshops


If your business or group would like any/one of the above sessions and to discuss your requirements further please contact me for more details on: 07804692046 or at


Testimonials from group delivery


Session on - Managing stress as a result of change..... "Jayne delivered a tailor-made training session to our HR & Employment Law team which analysed and provided tips to respond to a new business development we are currently focusing on.  Jayne's delivery was very clear and relevant to our needs and she made very effective use of time for the training session.

 The tips Jayne provided us were practical and insightful and can be applied to a wide variety of business developments as well as personal challenges.

 I recommend Jayne to any company who is looking to develop business skills and staff." HR Consultant at Taylor Bracewell.......

Session on - How fears can prevent us achieving our goals in business...... 'It was lovely to meet you today and thank for your presentation which I found to be one of the clearest and most powerful presentations I have seen'. JC. HR Entrepeneur @ Base Camp Networking Group


"Jayne also came into school to deliver stress management sessions to yr 11 students. Her manner was superb and the feedback from the students was excellent. She identified possible triggers which can be identified either now or in the future. Many yr 11s ignore the stress and I feel she opened the subject out for them" - E. Jan 2015


"1st mtg surpassed expectations thanks to Jayne @ClearPathwayHyp who sent us all home relaxed with self-help tips on destressing our lives" - Bread and Roses W.I. Ecclesall (Stress prevention session followed by relaxation)

About  My Group Sessions

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