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Working with Children

Hypnotherapy to help children n Sheffield
Can hypnotherapy be used with children? Yes, it certainly can. 
Hypnotherapists who work with children usually do so with them alert or in a very light state of hypnosis, where the child may seem at first sight to be just absorbed or distracted in thought, like when they are reading a book, or in imaginative play as they do so every day.  For example, when you ask them to stop play and come for their tea and they are oblivious to you being there and just happliy carry on absorbed in their own world. 
Treatment will always vary according to the problem and to the age of the child, however it will always include positive suggestions for confidence and guided imagery so they can imagine themselves overcoming their problem confidently. 
Everything is gentle and positive and is aimed at helping them overcome their present difficulty.
Hypnotherapy can be utilised with children from the ages of 6 to 18  for fears, phobias and exam nerves, or improved concentration and performance. Sessions with children may be accompanied by the responsbile adult or carer so that you and the child are comfortable at all times. The child will remain the focus during the hypnotherapy session.
Hypnotherapy sessions will be tailored to meet each child's individual, personal needs and requirements. 
Please contact me for more details on: 07804692046 or at
Thanks  so very much for your care,professionalism, diligence. You always give much more than needed and have helped our Daughter  ( and us ) cope with some very tough times .  I wish you well and should we need help in future we will be back. D





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