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Welcome to Clear Pathway Hypnotherapy


I hope you are enjoying my website and looking forward to some wonderful hypnotherapy and relaxation.


Our minds are very powerful, and often when we say "it's mind over matter" we don't realise how close to the truth we actually are. Our conscious mind can only focus on a few things at any given moment in time, but our subconscious is much bigger and is constantly processing information and storing it away, whether its negative or positive. Hypnosis works with our subconscious mind to help us make changes happen and overcome unwanted habits, behaviours or negative  responses.


How Can I Support You?


I tailor each and every session to meet each and every client's needs, their situation and how they are as a person.  I am extremely passionate about helping people to learn how they can continue helping themselves long after our work is finished. 


The thing I love most about the combination of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)  and cognitive behaviourial techniques (CBT) is their joint effectiveness in helping change people’s minds and hearts for the better. Helping you overcome issues not just now in the present, but also in the future , through continuing to practise implementing the toolkit I will develop with you, for you. For example, with each client I will teach self-hypnosis and relaxation breathing techniques, so that you can continue to meet life's challenges more positively.


What Can I Do For You?


With hypnotherapy I can help guide and support you in unlocking the key to change and finding yourself, by using a combination of hypnosis and therapy. Through hypnosis I will help you drift into a pleasant and calm state of relaxation, a similar feeling to being totally absorbed in a daydreaming state, with your eyes closed.


Through therapy, I will work with you to look within yourself and address the issues you wish to overcome by helping you to change and review:

  • The Way You Think About Things

  • How You Feel 

  • How Those Thoughts and Feelings Affect How You Behave


What Do You Have to Do?


Remember, any therapy you undertake has to be a partnership, which is built on mutual trust and respect. No therapist can guarantee success without the full commitment and involvement of the client. Together we will develop an approach specific for you, which you can then work on further in your own time, ensuring this process is undertaken with you in total control. 


Hypnotherapy follows a specifically tailored structure of sessions that are geared towards you with a review at the beginning of each session. We can  look  together at how far you have come, and in the final session develop an ongoing plan for you to take away, so the positive benefits carry on long after the sessions have finished.


So let's make a start.....Please contact me for more details on: 07804692046 or at


Hypnotherapy, The Pathway To Change

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