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Phobias and Fears

Help with fears and phobias in Sheffield
A phobia can be defined as 'an intense  but unrealistic fear that can interfere with our ability to socialize, work, or go about our daily lives', (thefreedictionary. com). 
Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder and are much more than just a fear; often the person will feel so overwhelmed by the issue they are fearful of even thinking about it in case it will initiate a reaction of distress, anxiety, panic or fear. 
There are so many things that individuals can have fears or phobias about that an initial assessment is essential to determine a specifc way forward that's tailored just for you. 
Please contact me for more details on: 07804692046 or at

'Jayne has been a true godsend for me to overcome my anxieties related to driving especially down hills.  She is both professional and approachable and always made me feel at ease.  I would recommend her and indeed have already done so.  Jane I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Tonight I drove my youngest into Derbyshire for a cub meeting, something I wouldn't have done only a couple of months ago.  As a treat to myself  I take purchase of a new car tomorrow!!!'


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