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What Do I Want To Achieve?


I set up Clear Pathway Hypnotherapy to help those who feel stuck in their situation and feel there is no way forward. Through use of CBT, NLP, cognitive learning and hypnotherapy I aim to:


  • Help you see there are choices and alternatives, whether you believe so or not.

  • Enable you to let go of past issues , accept their learning, then leave them in the past and move forward.

  • Remind you that you are always in control of you, not other people or facts, just You!

  • Teach you how to use the power of your own mind to control and change how you think, how you feel and how you behave to achieve the outcomes you desire. 


How is Clear Pathway Different?


I work with both the conscious and the sub-concious mind equally, through hypnotherapy, in conjunction with CBT applications and training techniques, so I can:


  • Develop individual tailored packages for each and every client.

  • Help people realise that they can reach and treat the cause themselves, in most cases and not keep putting up with the  symptoms.

  • Help people recognise the power and potential they have within, find it and make it work for them instead of against them.

  • Help both individuals and groups choose the path that's right for them to make life's changes.


Where is Clear Pathway Located?


In Millhouses, Sheffield on a main bus route from the town centre and surrounded by free off street and paid parking. With parkland views the premises I use are very comfortable, bright and airy with a healing, relaxing feel. I can accommodate both individual and group sessions. I can also deliver group sessions on your own business premises.





About me 

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Please contact me for more details

on: 07804692046 

or at

A hypnotherapy session in Millhouses, Sheffield

About Clear Pathway Hypnotherapy

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