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Pain Management

Help to control and relieve pain through hypnotherapy in Sheffield
The sensation of pain, although physical, may also be compounded by how we respond to it,  in relation to what we think about the pain, how we feel about it and how we manage it. For example, most people with chronic pain will recognise that they have good days and bad days. This may of course be related to your amount of activity, but it may also be because of how you were thinking and feeling on the good and bad days. For instance, when we are busy we may not notice we may have accidently hurt or cut ourselves until we then stop, look and think about it.
Hypnotherapy, in conjunction with cognitive behaviourial therapy, can work well for people with both physical, emotional and psychosomatic pain, because it addresses how we view and manage our pain in terms of how we think about it, how we feel about it and, last but not least, how we behave. 
You may already be aware that the more you focus on pain, the more it appears to increase? An assessment will clarify how I can support you in learning to manage your pain to the best effect.
Please contact me for more details on: 07804692046 or at

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